GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, December 16


The day I thought would never arrive ... arrived this morning. I had to meet with my writing professor regarding my conference paper. And with that short 30 min class.... I finished my semester.

It has been a particularly hard one. Between moving, the New Moon Event, work, and classes, I seem to have lost sight of myself and my goals. There were a couple of times I seriously doubted my desires. Did I really need to go back to school? Was it worth it? For the first time, I wondered if I had the abilities to pull off the degree I want.

Now that the brain fog of classes and finals has cleared.... my answer to all of the above is still a resounding yes.

This semesters classes have been passed and while I don't know if I pulled a 4.0 like last semester, I am content with the grades that I have.

Now for a 2 week break to prep for next semester. :)


Kathy H. said...

Great Job Rae! Congrats for finishing another semester.

Kate said...

Congratulations on finishing the semester! Have a nice vacation. What's on the fun reading list?

Les said...

Way to go! It is always a great feeling when you get done with a tough semester and you feel you did well. I hope you have a fun and relaxing Christmas break.