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Tuesday, February 10

In the Kitchen with the Candlestick.........

So today I got a late start due to my desire to catch up on Bones.....which turned into a marathon of Bones Episodes. Lasting until roughly 5 am or so.......I know.....What can I say...I am a sucker for Booth. :)

In hopes of keeping this short, let me paraphrase.
  • I got up this afternoon and decided to I was done with living out of boxes. Since I don't have a dishwasher and all of my dishes have been packed for over a year, I was allowed the privilege of washing every dish by hand. took 3 hours, but my kitchen is completely unpacked. (Well except for those things that are at my Sister-in-laws house. I haven't picked up those boxes yet.)
  • In an effort to multi-task, while washing the dishes, I started downloading all of my cd's. Now I am not finished yet but I am over halfway done and it has only taken 10 hours. Now the question is what do I do with the cd's? Lol!
  • After finishing the kitchen I moved on to my library. I unpacked all but 6 boxes of books. And those six boxes might just end up at the piblic library. (I don't think I will ever re-read those books. So now might be a good time to get rid of them.) I did get all the books I like unpacked. Unfortunately, I am using the broken shelf by stacking books on top of it. Lol! I am hoping to get 2 to replace the ones that I lost.
  • While unpacking I found many important the sheets for my bed! Yeah. Tomorrow I won't have to sleep in a pile of blankets. Lol!
Now I am tired. I am going to bed.....tomorrow maybe I'll start working on hanging my clothes and working on the rest of the living room.


pb1988 said...

It figures you'd be a Booth kinda gal! For me, it's Angela all the way! =-P

Amy said...

I *heart* Bones!!! I'm so behind this season :( I really need to have a Bones marathon.

Boo said...

You have been a busy lady, Rae. I can't imagine washing all those dishes by hand. Yikes! Congrats on unpacking and settling in. I hope you enjoy your new place!