GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, February 2

Day EIGHT (The last day!)

This is the last of the Travel blogs........hallelujah!

Day Eight started with road closures in Wyoming, but it only lasted a few hours so I was on the road before noon. What did I do on Day 8..............I drove.....and drove......and drove. I made it to my parents house by about 8 pm and was very grateful to end my trip.

There was one small incident with the icy roads. Just after passing Rawlins, WY an 18 wheeler pulled in front of me and when I tried to slow down and merge in to the far lane my tires slid me sideways. It is an un-nerving feeling to be going down the freeway horizontally. It didn't last long but I ended up going off the road to the right and landing myself in a ditch, hitting one of those mile marker things in the process. No harm to anyone.........except for the rather obvious dent on the front left side of the car. Yay for the Rental Agency Insurance! I mean really, really YAY!

Well that was my trip. I plan to have 2 blogs with pictures from the road.......they should be up in the next couple of days.

In the past week, I have rented an apartment, bought a car, and applied for many jobs. Interviews start tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. ;)

P.S. Just a would have been 4 years at my last company..........It'sad for me.........I sure do miss them.


~yoga~ said...

But good for me, yes???
Rae is much, much closer!


Amy said...

Good luck with the interviews!!!