GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, May 4

Good Morning....

WIth out school, my nights have been boring. There is only so much tv you can watch before you want to pluck out your own eyes. Reading helps but even that doesn't seem to be able to pull my focus as school had. I can't wait to start up again next week.

I have to admit though...Lazy mornings are quickly becoming an addiction. My mornings resemble that of Oliver in the musical with out the maid and the singing town. I love listening to the morning through my open window as I slowly wake up. *sigh*


Jenny said...

Good morning also to you..
I am Italian and I have happened by chance in your blog.. are you a nostalgic? I like your philosophy;)

Fabulous Chatta' said...

heyy,love tht u want to be a librarian.I'm so proud of u.Right now I'm taking Library Science in my University major in resource center management.Anyways,goodluck kiddo.

Soarenth said...

Nice that you are enjoying a quieter morning. ;->

I will be very interested in hearing what fills your downtime happiest for you when you discover it. And don't say "career student", that doesn't work even in the movies. Oh wait. There was one... Have you seen "The Librarian" movie, yet? Think it might make you smile.