GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, May 5

The future....

This morning I spent my time looking at my schools of choice for my Master's program. They have been narrowed down to 5 schools all on the east coast. In the order of preference:
  • Simmons Graduate School of Library Science in Boston
  • Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Rutgers School of Communication and Information - New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
  • University of Maryland
Boston and Indianapolis get priority ranking because they offer dual Master's programs. I can study Library Science and Public History at the same time.

Maryland gets last place because, while I love that part of the country and they offer the dual program, a couple of the alumni say the school is not the easiest to work with.

Next Step... The dreaded GRE. Most of the schools only require it if I have a GPA less than 3.2 (Not even close...Phi Theta Honors society... Thank you very much!). But it is required for 2 of the schools. So.... yet another thing to study for. The application deadlines for Fall of 2012 aren't until February/March so I have a bit of time.

Ugh... this blog post is completely disjointed.... Much like my graduate plans.... It is time to pull things together so I can reach my goals!

Now I am off to meet the woman over my internship.... wish me luck. :)

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Soarenth said...

Good luck!!

It is impressive that you are keeping on top of your long-range plans actively. Wise choice!