GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, March 6

Quotes of the Evening.....

Tonight, my friend Sarah called at the last minute and wanted to go to dinner. I had nothing pressing and was glad to join her. As always dinner was full of laughter. So I thought I would share a few with you........

*** So it looks like we haven't spent enough money on dinner. We're gonna have to get dessert. Are you okay with that?

(Yes that was said seriously.....You gotta love Sarah)

*** We would like to look at the dessert menu please. I am the menu. You are the menu? (we order and he leaves the table) He's the menu? He is a bit young but do you think maybe he would lay down on the table for us?

*** I am gonna have to stop exercising. It's not good for me when I am a single girl. It clears the clutter from my mind and all that is left is the gutter. I just dive right in and go swimming.

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Heather said...

gotta love us gutterbrains!!!!