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Saturday, March 7

The geek in me.....

Alright, those who know me know that there is a small part of my heart that will forever love the ABC Family and Disney Channel original movies. What can I say? They are clean, and cheesy and fun....and you know that they will always have a happy ending. Lol! In a world as uncertain as ours, I am a sucker for a happy ending.

So no one is probably surprised that last night I was drawn to the Disney Channel for my watching pleasure while babysitting. On a Friday night Disney is known for playing their old Original movies. Which is how I got to watch Camp Rock.

And being me, I watched the whole thing sort of. Part of the time it was on mute while I was on the phone. I also offset it with 3 other movies that were running on other channels. So I was totally confused by the end, which means that I did a little searching this morning and watched it on my laptop. Since I geeked out....y'all get to join me. Here is the climactic song number (Steph and Heather get your mind out of the gutter it is a Disney Movie....) the unpopular girl is who the rocker is looking for.....aren't we all surprised? Lol!

On another note.....I now know what the Jonas Brothers look like. Lol! Why is their hair in their faces? The main character makes me think of a 70's pop star........

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