GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, March 5

It's been A Month.......

Wow, How time flies when your having fun.

This is fun. Right?

Mostly, my life is still pretty boring. I am still applying for jobs and not getting much response. I refuse to start school until I have some source of income. Call me crazy, but I have this terrible fear of not having money to pay rent. *blush*

I spend a lot of time at my parents house. I love my little 2 bedroom apt and I am still working at unpacking everything there. everyone knows, I hate to be by myself. There is something about too much silence. So, I head over to my parents house just to have a noisy background. I love the time I get to spend with my brothers.

Now onto THE TRIP....everyone keeps asking about the trip to San Fransisco with some of my friends. I love to travel and I haven't been to SF since I was 11. That isn't to say that I really got out and saw the city at all. Ha Ha ha, I spent the weekend with my friends at a convention. But that is for later in the story.

I drove to Fresno Thursday night. Why Fresno you ask? Because I refused to drive I-80 in the snow with the possible requirement of chains for my tires. After the small snafu in Wyoming, I am staying clear of snowy mountain roads. So, I went south through Vegas, up through Bakersfield and onto Fresno. There I met up with friends Kirsten and Mary. The next morning we gathered with the rest of the women traveling to SF and carpooled the remaining distance. Then we were there and the weekend started.

Now for a confession........

My friend Kara won 2 tickets to the San Francisco Salute to Twilight Convention. Yes, I have driven all that way to go to a Twilight convention. For those that followed my Facebook conversations, already know how I feel about being there. I had a blast with my girls that were there. Kara and I spent alot...and I mean ALOT....of time together as we waited in line for signatures or attending the various events. Then there were meals with everyone and just time to chill. It was great to see the girls that I had met last September and to make friends with the new women. The TM's are such an interesting mix of women. :)

As for the rest of the conference......There were Q & A sessions with the actors from the movies, which I found interesting and embarrassing. as much as I loved listening to the answers to the various questions, it is unsettling for me to be counted among the fans that were there. I would rather not be compared to the woman who asked for Peter Facinelli's gum straight for his mouth, or the one that offered a marriage proposal to Kellan Luntz, or the women who brought out the cuffs.....or other gifts.

Part of the tickets that we won were signatures from each of the actors, so I had brought my twilight book for them to sign. There were quite a few hours waiting in line for that. To be honest, if we hadn't been getting something signed for a charity auction we probably would have skipped the signings entirely to go hang out with our girls who were at the front of the line. :)

The Jackson Rathbone concert was fun. I am sad i didn't attend the Vampire Ball as one of my friends from Sept. was there so I missed out on seeing her. It was cool to see what can happen at these things and talk with Kara about what she wants to happen for the one I am volunteering for in July.

I have to admit, my one grump was Billy Burke......he is my favorite actor from the movie. I adore his version of Charlie and he will forever be what I see in my head when I read. Unfortunately, when I asked him to sign my book.....he signed right across the words! I mean really. Who signs across the words of a book? You read books! LOL! It's not really a grump just a pet peeve of mine....Hee hee hee.

I also took some time to see my sister Gretch and her husband Mark while I was in town. I haven't seen them since Christmas and never in their "natural habitat". It was nice to spend a day with them. We ran errands, played cards, talked about pregnancy (Gretchen is right now in the hospital in Labor.....GO Gretch!) and just hung out. I am a big fan of just chilling with family.

Okay that is my trip. now I have to shower.....and get ready for another interview. *sigh* As Laurie tells would help if I could upgrade from "Interview Goddess" to "Job Goddess". Then I could stop going to interviews and start working.


Kara said...

come on you know you had fun- but yea next time forget the autographs we need to see the city! It would've helped if it wasn't pouring

Rae said...

There is no denying I had a blast. You ladies are was just a tad to much of a fan-dom for me at times......hence the hiding out and reading for a night. LOL!