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Thursday, March 6

The day of the Dentist

Today was a day I have been afraid of all week long! It started in the middle of the night with me being sick. So when 7 am came and I was still not well I decided to rest before the big event.

For those that don't know I am afraid of the dentist. I have been this way since I was a kid. My first memory from the dentist, I think I was about 8 or there abouts. I know we were in Kearns at the time. Anyway I remember sitting in the lobby of the dentist crying. I had just had caps put on my baby teeth and it hurt. Alot! Mom was talking to the lady at the desk telling her there was something wrong because I couldn't stop crying and the lady was telling her there was nothing wrong. Mom finally brought me over and had me open my mouth to show that my gums were bleeding. A man was brought out and I was rushed back into a chair so they could fix whatever they had done. Things didn't get better as time went on. I remember Mom getting angry with another dentist because she kept me in the chair for hours AFTER she had been told I was afraid of her. Lol! By the time I went on my mission my dentist had taken to giving me Valium just to get me in the chair, with the hopes that I wouldn't bite him. I only did that once!

So fast forward to now....I have tried to get over this fear. I no longer take the meds (though they are available if I need it) and I usually can get through a session with nothing more then my headphones. Today I went in because I know there is work to be done and I was having a bit pain in one of my teeth. Apparently one of the roots had decided to start to wrap around some sort of bone that caused pain to shoot up into my ears and around the front of my teeth. So after 2+ hours of work, lots of needles, and a very nervous dentist and assistant (I started to shake, got really cold, and kept holding my breath) I came out one tooth less.

Now I am home with a swollen jaw and under orders to continue to ice my face and eat only soft foods for 48 hours. Monday I have to go in and have the stitches removed and possible have the cleaning that was supposed to happen today. Lol! And while I think my dentist is a very nice man....I really, really don't like him right now.



tara said...

Let me just say, I TOTALLY understand:

Enjoy the painkillers.

Tiana said...

Oh Rachel...I am so sorry!!! No fun for you. Know that I love you from far away.....