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Friday, March 14

My favorite songs.......

I can't seem to concentrate today.... so i am going to give a shout out to my current favorite radio website. YAY for Yahoo Launchcast!!
as you can probably guess I have been listening to the various play lists and thought I would share my current radio favorites. Enjoy!

New Soul by Yael Naim. You probably have heard the commercial that this is attached to. My friend Tara introduced me to this artist. The whole CD is interesting, it makes me wish I spoke French and Hebrew:

Love Song by Sara Bareilles.....I actually like her whole CD; NOT the video. But it is the only one that I can get to post on my blog. The second song starts around 4:25 or so. You can stop listening there. Lol! Enjoy the music! :)

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.......
This one has an awesome video that I can't figure out how to post on my blog either. It can be found HERE.

See You Again Miley Cyrus....I am disturbed that I like this song...but I do..what else can I say.

Over You by Chris Daughtry....Love Him!! Another great CD!

And that concludes todays videos...enjoy!


The Palmers said...

I LOVE IT ALL!! except Mylie...Are you saying that you feel like a 12 yr old girl when you see a cute boy? Oh, Rachel! I love you! Thanks for introducing me to Leona Lewis!!! I love that song...I actually put it on my blog! Thanks!

Rae said...

LOL! I wouldn't say I am a 12 year old girl but I definitely struggle with speech. Lol!
I am so glad you liked Leona Lewis. Did you follow the link to the awesome video. I love the video in the apartment building.
Love you lil sister!