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Wednesday, March 12

Deep Sleep?

I woke confused this morning.....

For the past couple of days I have been sleeping with my phone on just in case I get a call from my family. This morning I woke up to it off. I know it was on last night when I went to sleep. I can only assume that I turned it off sometime during the night.

Here is the troubling question:

Did I answer a ringing phone in the middle of the night before I turned it off?
(The only plausible scenario that I can come up with is that I woke to the ringing phone answered it and then turned off the phone when I was done speaking to whomever it was.)

I don't recall waking up to answer the phone, but it wouldn't be the first time I had a conversation with someone while I was asleep. If I did....what did I say and what was I told?

Did you call me?


The Palmers said...

nope, not me! love you!!

Rae said...

darn it! I was kind of hoping it was you...Maybe it was the hot guy metro. Lol!

The Snow Maiden: said...

I have heard of talking in your sleep but cell phone talking in your sleep? That's a new level! Have you tried checking your 'incoming/outgoing calls log'? Oh, and neither Kent nor I called you last night. :) And if you didn't receive any calls, what could subconsciously turning your cell phone off mean?!