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Friday, March 7

Baby Hannah Jean Arrives

I got the call this morning shortly after I arrived at work. I have a new niece. I will let my brother tell the story in his own words.........
A new little Hinkson shatters the sound barrier

Well, it is official. Hannah Jean Hinkson was born about 4:30pm (Baghdad time), which would make it about 6:30am in Utah. (This email may not be 100% factual).

Hannah, is a name from the Old Testament; she was the mother of Samuel the Prophet. However, this is only the spelling that we have chosen. The name we liked is pronounced the same, but in Arabic, the word hana' (with a glottal stop at the end) means "happiness or bliss." I also like the palindrome quality of HANNAH, backwards and forwards it is the same. Jean is the name of Julie's maternal grandmother, Jean Partridge, who will be tickled pink to learn Hannah's middle name, I'm sure. Amber's middle name is Louise, after my maternal grandmother (who hopefully will be able to come out and visit us when I am in town in April or May).

Hannah weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was twenty-one and a half inches long. (For all of you who like to compare, Amber was 7 pounds fourteen ounces and was twenty-two inches long. I think).

This birth went much faster (only fourteen hours) than Amber's birth. From what I hear Julie was able to relax and take it easy for most of the time.

Julie went into the hospital late last night and had the baby early this morning. Her sister, Diana, slept over with Julie at the hospital. Julie's mom, Beth, arrived around six in the morning and was there for the birth. Julie's father, Bruce, stayed home with Amber.

Julie tried to call my parents early this morning, but they were peacefully sleeping (or at least peacefully not answering the phone). At 6:30am, I can see them not answering the phone while they study the scriptures. And, there was absolutely no indication that Julie would be in labor at all this week.

We were quite surprised by this turn of events. Julie had been told that she would not give birth until next week at the earliest, but when Julie went to the hospital for her "non-stress test" she was told that her blood pressure was a little too high and the baby's was a little too low. So, they decided to monitor her and the lifeform within her.

She didn't want to bother anyone, because she had not progressed towards giving birth at all. But, after several hours of observation, they determined that they would slowly induce the pregnancy. By that time, it was late at night... and by six or so she was dilated to a nine (nine centimeters). Note: Americans don't know what that really means. We have never understood the metric system. If we knew how big nine centimeters was in the English system of measurement (inches) we would all be "grossed out." Explaining things in centimeters is a way to explain reality without terrorizing the maternal populace.

Some good news, no forceps were used. Amber had to be pulled out; but Hannah seemingly glided out.

I had been receiving updates over the past few hours (which were the late hours of the evening for you, but not for me). Julie was able to rest most of the time while she was "progressing."

Julie talked with me until the very last moment, and then handed the phone over to her sister, Diana, for the "play by play." This was Diana's first time and Julie's mother's first time witnessing "the miracle of birth." As Julie's mom put it, a few minutes later, it was her first time from that end. (Or maybe that is how I am putting it... she said something like that to me).

I could imagine everything happening from last time. I think I kept asking Diana if they were doing what they were just about to do.

I was caught by surprise to hear little Hannah start to cry. I think I'll always remember that moment first hearing her cat-like screeching, standing in the gravel, rocking back and forth, burying my shoes in the gravel... in a dusty, outdoor corrider between stuccoed T-wall and the similarly stuccoed walls of our building, lucky number thirteen. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue, and I watched our entire building vacate, in order to attend the memorial service of a serviceman who died in a helicopter crash a few days ago. I think that this same kind of juxtaposition happens every day. I am glad to be on the happy side of the equation today.

I am very much looking forward to seeing pictures of my new daughter (and her mommy... and her sister), hopefully I can receive and download some of those tonight. I am sure that I will receive a steady stream of new pictures. It is amazing how close I feel to the situation, despite my distant reality; and I have many of you to thank for that.

March 7th has turned out to be a very beautiful day, one of the best days of my life.

Hannah seemed to cry longer than I remember Amber crying. I have been told that she looks healthy. She has good color; she has brown hair... and Julie told me that she was making some Truman faces... and then she made some faces that looked like me. Poor kid, hopefully she grows out of that, right Truman?

..........(Rae's Editing)

I consider myself very blessed. I never really imagined growing up, what a sweet experience it is to be a father. I think I could see it in my mind... but I never saw it in my heart. That same sweet awe that I felt when Amber was born has revisited me.

I am grateful for a beautiful wife, and two sweet little girls. I couldn't be happier (unless I were home right now... but that will happen very soon).

Over and out...


Congrats Ralph and Julie. I am very happy for you!

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