GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, March 27

2 Things:

A) I found it interesting that todays 'Note from the Universe' read as follows:
Any and all forms of separation - disconnects, divides, partings, breakups, and goodbyes - Rachel, are temporary. Very.

You'll be together far, far longer than you will ever be apart.

Forever and ever -
The Universe
I joined the 100+ Reading Challenge with my friend Jessica. Yay!
I figure, since I was already keeping track I might as well join the group. It shouldn't be all that hard to complete; I have already finished over40 books since January 1st. I think I might have burned myself out for a bit....but the urge to finish my book on the battle at Balleau Wood is to strong to stop reading for very long. Lol!


Amy said...

Wow! What a great thought! Sometimes it's hard to remember that this life is just a short speck in eternity. It's good to have a reminder.

The Palmers said...

Burned out from reading? You??? Never!!! I am glad you ar home safe,adn thanks for the post about the funeral. I was sad not to be there...but Abe and were both sick, and I would have missed everything anyway taking care of him. It just didn't make sense. Love you!

J. Kaye Oldner said...

Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge! :-D I have posted your link on the right sidebar of the blog. Another thing I am doing something, at least I think it is. I'd like to start posting the participating members favorite book for each month on the blog. January and February’s is posted on the blog and March will be added soon. If you send me your favorite book and author of the book for those months, I’ll post it in the photo slider.

You are also welcome to chat with us on the Yahoo Groups. The link can be found at

Best of luck and above all, have fun!