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Sunday, March 9


Last night I had an epiphany while watching the movie 16 Candles. Does anybody remember Farmer Ted? I do (but that is not the point of this post). Last night reminded me that it is also the name of a character in that movie.You know the geeky one that is in love with Molly Ringwold. She even gives him her panties to help him out of a bind. Lol! I apparently had a soft spot for geeks even in my childhood. Lol!

As a side note:
I am not ignoring the other things going on right now but I don't want to talk about them. I seem to be a bit of a watering pot and I don't want to discuss it here. Lets just say it is shaping up to be a difficult week for my family.

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The Snow Maiden: said...

I know you have mentioned Farmer Ted before, even though I don't know his real identity. I just had to share the Farmer Ted epiphany I got while reading about yours though. I am a substitute primary worker and was asked to help in the nursery the last couple of weeks. The nursery has a toy barn and a part of it is a door that when pushed on opens and reveals a farmer. You push the barn door closed and the farmer hides again. I always say things like, "Hello chicken!" or "Where is the sheep?" when playing with this toy. However, with the farmer I always ask, "Where is Farmer Ted?", "Hello Farmer Ted!" or "Goodbye Farmer Ted!". Now here is the weird part, I actually thought to myself yesterday why do I call this farmer Farmer Ted instead of something Farmer whatever the name of the child I am playing with (Jordan, Hailey, etc.)? And then I read your post and realized all those times I watched 16 Candles must have made Farmer Ted creep into my subconscious. :) So thanks for helping me realize why I do one of the many weird things I do. :)

And as for our family issues...I don't know what to say without crying either so I won't say anything but *HUG*.