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Monday, March 31

RIP...yet another one!

So I seem to be rather hard on my electrical equipment. When I first started with my current company I was the receptionist.....I used the desktop computer at the front desk. It was a sweet set up. Some days.....*sigh* I miss that.

But things changed and I started working with the HR department. I was given a laptop....after months of computer problems and the death of 2 Dell laptops, the company purchased me a brand new Compaq. I have loved my little Compaq. It has been with me for over a year and been through a lot. Unfortunately, 2 or 3 weeks ago, my little Compaq couldn't handle the pressure and gave out. I was told it was a hardWARE problem not a hardDRIVE problem, so IT was able to save my life (i.e...all my information) and transfer it to an ugly little dell that I have been using. I haven't put any pressure on this little computer, remembering the problems of my past. Which, it seems, was rather justified. While trying to learn more about the Green River Killer last night with Patience, the Dell decided it was too much. When I brought it to IT this morning I was told that it was the harddrive. *sigh*
So here I sit on a temp laptop...which is better then the ugly dell but not as nice as my little Compaq.

At least they saved the last hard drive so it is only the last couple of weeks that I have to make up for.
Mondays Stink!


Sherpa said...

I'm sorry. That really stinks.

Amy said...

Mondays do stink! I'm not a fan.

Sorry about your computer- that really bites!