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Tuesday, February 16

weekend quotes...

While there were quite a few quotes from this weekend, I think this one was my all time favorite.

While having breakfast with my father and younger sisters we got on to the topic of books. (Really when don't I end up on the topic of books....) The conversation ended as follows:

Me: Sorry, I can ramble on about books forever, I am just a geek.

LL: You're not a geek! You're just boring.

So am I happy that I am not a geek or sad that I am so boring?


Tiana said...

The cream puff quote wasn't your favorite?

Rae said...

LOL! Maybe I should rephrase.... the above quote is my all time favorite that is appropriate for the blog.

I can't put the cream puff quote up here when I know the fam reads it. Especially after learning that some of the younger sisters are reading....

Boo said...

Rae Rae. You are not boring. I am not friends with boring people. Love you!