GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, April 28

Another one bites the dust

Saturday night has come and for the first time in weeks I am not stressing about readings or papers for class on Monday. All of my papers have been turned in and the semesters books and papers have been collected to be stored. For what? HWo knows but I feel better if they go in a box for now. Lol! I can even see my desk... dusty as it might be, I can actually see it again.

Today I slept till noon, went to dinner with my friend Sarah, watched an old 80's movie (Protocol - score one for Goldie Hawn) and read a book (Anna and the French Kiss is a very cute YA chicklit novel)

But now darkness has fallen and the quiet has descended. And what do I do with myself? I guess I can read another book. Or do some more cleaning (the bathroom is screaming at me!). But I don't really want to. I guess I could go and bug Mama and Papa Thorne..... but I hate to be a nuisance.

That is the problem with being single at my age..... what do you do? ALL BY YOURSELF! I am one who considers her alone time very precious, but once life slows down I do require interaction. It is one of the reasons I need school. I need something to keep me engaged..... Not to worry classes start on Monday for Math and Bio starts the following week.

I think I am gonna add another class just for fun..... help me out and vote:


I can't decide.


Gretch said...

I say Humanities through the Arts!
That is so great that you have had a break from school!!

I sure miss you!
:) G

Soarenth said...

Good on you, Rachel, for enjoying completely your well-earned Saturday!

And you are not alone in needing something more than yourself to keep engaged in life. Word of warning: That need never goes away. Personally, I've joined a fantastic MMO gaming community that is available 24/7. During those odd hours when I need socializing, I can hop on and find literally hundreds of other people to interact with.

Oh, and my vote is still Humanities Through The Arts, hands down. Good luck picking one when you sign up for classes!

Phil said...

Hey! It isn't so bad to bug mummy and daddy a bit, they gonna be bore when u graduate and leave home. I have read a little psychology and I found it fascinating, Maybe you should try the Psychology, The theories could fascinate you.