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Saturday, September 24

The good follows the bad.....

I seem to have a case of terminal forgetfulness.
There are things in my life that do not change no matter how hard I wish them to. In high school I was ill once a month.... And I mean really sick. Not just cramping but the throwing up, huddled in a ball, give me drugs to knock me out type of ill. The "boyfriend had to carry me out of school one day" type of ill (yeah I was much older before I realized how awesome that was). As I got older it wasn't as consistent and by the time I was on my mission, it was only bad every couple of months. I figured that I had just learned how to handle the issues. Which is true to some extent. But this week I was reminded that sometimes I am just gonna be ill. Their is very little choice in the matter.

So what does this have to do with my title? I sit here after my first shower in 4 days that didn't end up with me laying on the floor in the bathroom (or unable to get out of the shower as was the case on Thursday). I feel good... I feel normal... I feel clean. Often in our lives we are told that without the bad we wouldn't recognize the good. I hadn't truly forgotten the principle but this week reminded me how good of a life I have. I had forgotten that sometimes the best feeling in the world is taking a great shower after you haven't felt well for a while. That feeling normal can be AMAZING.

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Soarenth said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Being too sick to function is humiliating, I know.

How glad I am that you have recovered and feel normal again. Here's hoping you STAY healthy and don't have another rough month for a long, long time.