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Monday, October 29

Fall has arrived

In Virginia they are battening down the hatches for Hurricane Sandy. In Utah, my friends are getting snow in the mountains... and in the valley one cold morning. Here in Louisiana, I am enjoying beautiful fall weather. the temperature is in the 60s and 70s. I wear long sleeves and light sweaters and spend time sitting on my little porch enjoying the sunshine. People around here are bundled up in winter coats. I have even seen some wearing scarves and gloves. It is odd to me.

But even more odd is this feeling of laziness. I am used to having a very full schedule and, though I am busy, it is not the same type of busy. I now have time to sit on my porch and read assignments or write papers. These days, I have time to do laundry, and clean house. I can cook, though I get bored easily. I learned to make bread and rice pudding. It is just odd. I am an adult.

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