GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, October 24

Not what I was expecting....

I had to blog because I thought this was funny, though my roommates think I am a little crazy.

Last night when I got home I was surprised to find an extra envelope from Blockbuster. As I was expecting he Rogers and Hammerstein’s version of State Fair, I figured they had sent me the same movie twice. Not even close. While, I did receive a copy of State Fair the second envelope contained a move about a black woman trying to rescue her brother from the mob. The description included the sentence “Predictably, she must pose as a prostitute, as well as engaging in…”. I’ll let you ponder over what the rest of the description said. Lol! Something tells me that if I were to watch it I wouldn’t find a girl in a gingham dress singing "It Might as W ell Be Spring”. Lol! The most hilarious thing is the picture in my mind of one of my roommates opening it and watching it, expecting State Fair. Lol! It makes me laugh until I cry. Seriously, that's just funny,

Now I have to get to work. Hope y’all have a great Wednesday!


Tiana said...

Oh my goodness! Only you would get a porn video by mistake. I am laughing so hard right now. LOL Oh my! Thank you for sharing. HA HA HA HA. I can't stop laughing.

YaYa said...

Sounds like MY kind of movie! Please forward it on!