GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, September 29

Work is slow today and the weather is dark. Not too cold or really stormy just more meloncholy. It seems to be reflected in my mood. I am trying to get out of this funk that I am in. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. I am continually convincing myself that going out tonight with the girls is a good thing. Every one needs a little girl time. I know I will have fun but am more inclined to go home and curl up with a good book or two and a cup of Hot Chocolate. Apparently, I have left the tom-boy behind. When did I become such an introvert that reading a good book has become more fun then going out to play? Is it a sign of age, or just of how attitudes shift according to life cicumstances. I spent the last couple of years taking care of children that were not my own. I am one of 12 children and have been helping to raise the 3 youngest since I turned 18. Last year there was a shift in the household and I finally got a chance to get out on my own. So here I am 26 years old and finally learning to live life. I am going through all of the phases that teenagers usually do. I have realized that often I am not the person I used to be. Which can be good or bad.

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