GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, May 25

Proof of Age.....

Tonight I realized that with my birthday approching, I have started showing my age. What proof do I have, you ask......for starters:
  • I am tired by 10:30 pm.
  • I went to an Eagles concert and I knew not only all of the songs, but all of the words to said songs.
  • Tonight I went to a BeeGee's Tribute concert.....where yet again I knew all but 3 or 4 of the songs. (At least I didn't know all of the words this time.)
  • Saturday I will be headed to yet another concert....and I am really excited...but yet again, I will probably know all of the words, to all of the songs sung by Styx, Reo Speed Wagon, and .38 Special.
Sad I know....some days age just smacks you in the face.



Windy Dawn said...

Perhaps that does not say anything about your age, but only your taste in music.

Tiana said...

I agree....your taste in music is actually older then you really are...:)

Rae said...

I like that thought.....That is my new story....and I am sticking to it. :)

Boo said...

I don't even feel sorry for you Baby Rae Rae. You saw the Eagles?!! I would die to see the Eagles in concert. I am so jealous.