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Sunday, May 31

Too Tired

I was going to post today....but from the time I got up for my morning the visit with my sister, to the shooting activity to the concert....I really didn't have a spare minute.....

And now it is after midnight and I am exhausted........

So this is all you get.

P.S. The concert was AWESOME!

I knew not only every Styx song, but I knew the words to each song. :)

(Sadly, I only knew about 2/3 of the .38 Special songs and only 1/2 of the REO Speedwagon songs. Of those songs I was only able to sing along to about half of them. *sigh*
Blame Ralph, he was the one with the Styx CD's growing up. They were right up there with his ABBA collection. Lol!)

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pb1988 said...

Styx w/o Dennis De Young is like PB&J w/o the's juuust not quite the same!