GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, November 11

Has my world come to an end?

I know I am not any where near genius level. I wouldn't even say I am brilliant. I do know I am not dumb. Yet here I sit, staring at this sad piece of paper with my GRE scores on it and trying to understand how this is possible. My prelim scores said I should have done better but reality is a kick in the pants.

According to the new GRE grading scale I suck. Okay not really, but I am no more than average and I don't know if average will get me into my college. I mean I am not trying to get into an Ivy league grad program or anything but still.....

So what are the scores?
  Verbal/Quantitative/Writing  =   164/149/4.0

What does this mean? The scores range between 130 and 170 for the verbal and the quantitative (translate: english and math). The range for the writing (translate essay) is 0-6.  I also went online to translate these scores into the old GRE grading scale. the cumulative score for my verbal/quantitative would have been 1290. (v:670/q:620)

As for the percentages: Yes, I am in the 94th percentile for the verbal. But I am in the 49th and 48th percentile for the math and essay respectively.

So while these scores aren't horrific ..... they aren't great either. I didn't expect any higher on the math in all reality, but a 670 in verbal? and a 4 on the essay! How could I have done so poorly!!

What does this mean for grad school? I don't know. Can this be offset by my 2 honor societies and my 3.6 GPA?  I don't know. And I really just want to cry. So I think I am going to do that now. Maybe chocolate is in order.

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Soarenth said...

It hurts.

It hurts to learn so much and work so hard, only to have your best be deemed "Average" and "Nice effort".

It hurts to turn that corner of life and instead of finding a beautiful vista of endless possibilities, there is a drab hallway.

It hurts worse than the active pain of a migraine. Rather like a void, a nothingness. Like being murdered by neglect. Hands that were supposed to be tingling with what was ahead hang limp, asking "What now?"

Is the end of your world? No. You are still breathing just as you were when you woke up this morning. Move on as if nothing has changed? Heavens, no.

You are in pain. Trying to hide or deny pain will only make it worse. Take as much time as you need to accept your pain as a reality; to accept you for yourself - good and bad.

Just don't stop here. However long you are hurting, don't let that be the end. Do NOT get stuck.

Once more move forward after you are ready to stop hurting.

And, please, remember that you NEVER have to be alone. You are good. You are loved.