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Friday, November 18

Lost and found

So the highlight of my week has been getting my car stolen. Cuz that is what I needed, right?

Yesterday morning I woke up to my car missing from the driveway. Today I was woken up by a very nice police officer who drove me 2 blocks over to where the car was dumped after they ransacked it.

There were quite a few moments of panic as I realized that there were things of value that I kept in my car that are irreplaceable. Things like: the Savings bonds that my grandfather gave us each year for Christmas, the scarf that my old boss Kristin gave me in DC, and the handmade hair clip I got at a renaissance fair in Virginia with my friends Heather and Richard.  All of those things are now home safe and sound.

There were things taken.... my iPod, our garage door opener, and my gym bag (not the items inside but the bag itself). But all of those things are replaceable. None of them have sentimental value.

So thanks to the very nice officers that found my car..... because without them, I would be carless and missing some very important memories. Plus... you know all of the other things they do every day that I am very grateful not to have to worry about as I write this at 6:30 in the morning.


Richard said...

I'm glad that your car was recovered safe and sound. If you needed a replacement hair clip, I still have access to get another one for you.

The first thing you need to do is get out the manual for your garage door opener (or look it up online) and change the security code on it. As long as the code remains unchanged, they can use that opener to get into your home. The fact that they took it suggests that they likely intend to come back for more stuff. If the opener doesn't work for them, they'll likely move on to someone else.

Other than that, don't worry about it. You got the important things back, and you're still safe and sound at home.

Gretch said...

I just sopke to Dad yesterday and he told me your car was stolen. No fair. It is so fair that you got it back. Thanks Officer whomever you are!!

I am so glad you have it back. Now buy some theft auto insurance!

Love you- Gretch

Soarenth said...

Still miffed that this happened in the first place. I am glad you got back your precious mementos and the car in workable condition.

Things like this, which affect my friends and family, are making it harder to hold onto "good will towards all men" this season. Sigh.