GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, January 2

I like to write....

So, I like to write. And I don't suck at it, if I do say so myself. During the semester I miss blogging. School writing, while infinitely better than anything that ends up on my blog, takes a lot of work and all of my attention. Yet, I need the verbal diarrhea that comes with blogging. Lol! I think this is why society is fascinated with the current social media. Facebook, twitter, and blogs are the therapy everyone is afraid to admit they need. I am not afraid to admit it, when I don't blog I talk a lot... to anyone... about things no one really cares about. Lol! So I revert to blogging. There the thoughts get out there without me forcing myself on people.

So what do I do.... I start a second blog to go with the first one. Not that I really have time for either but there you have it. The second blog that will probably get more of my attention than this one. It is a commentary on the books that I read. What ever book I finish will get put on the blog with my scattered thoughts about it. This makes me happy.

But for now... I have to go pack for our editing retreat. I leave tomorrow and I still have to figure out what to pack. :)


Soarenth said...

Hope you don't mind, but I recommended your book reviews blog to a friend who is looking for something new to read.

I do something on a much smaller scale with the anime I watch and find it a fun way to look back at what I have (and have not) enjoyed. May this new writing outlet give you all the fulfillment and therapy you seek. ;->

Gretch said...

Glad you are back online! I love your blog!!! Well, we are in love with our christmas light bulb fabric ornaments!

Thanks for being so awesome to us!

We miss you- Gretch