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Friday, June 8

Another day, Another Author

So, I just realized that I have 1 book and 2 short stories and I am done with my Brockmann books. Therefore I thought I would send a question out to the universe.....

Who do I read next?

I only brought a small selection of my books with me..... so if you had to choose would it be:

  1. Robert Jordan
  2. J.R. Ward
  3. L.M. Montgomery
  4. Karen Marie Moning
  5. Diana Gabaldon
  6. Maria V Snyder
  7. or J.K. Rowling in French
I just can't decide. 


Gretch said...

JK Rowlings was the only author I recognized the name of. Sorry! I have not idea who you should read. Sorry!


Soarenth said...

Oooh, choices, choicse! For a "small selection", they have large potential. No wonder it is hard to decide.

Strictly IMO, I would go for L.M. Montgomery or J.K. Rowling in French.

Which one(s) kept you up until 8 am this morning?

Rae said...

I still haven't decided though I am leaning towards the WWI non-fiction that I have.

As for what kept me up til 8 in the morning. I got caught up in the last novel of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. I can know say I have read them all.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered reading a few Southern authors prior to moving to Baton Rouge? Sarah Addison Allen is a great place to start.

Anonymous said...

You have to read J.R. Ward. I love all of her books ( I haven't read all of them ). She is my favorite author. I have or will write about her black dagger brotherhood novels on my blog. If you want to read it. But you can also read Diana Gabaldon. Her books are very good too.
I hope you will find a book. Ari

Rae said...

I hadn't thought about the Southern authors, but that sounds like a really good idea.

Ari, I have read all of the WARDen BDB books. I have to catch up on the Angels, but she is quite a good author.