GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, June 3

Changes Abound...

So I guess I should catch everyone up. Though most of you already know the updates.  Since my last post:

  • I graduated 

  • I was given my new friend Rockwell. Since this picture we have added fenders, a back rack and a basket. It is primed for Biking in Baton Rouge.

  • I packed up my whole life. 
 (Granted that is just my clothes... there is now a storage unit in Utah with  a massive amount of boxes full of books, a hope chest, and a trunk full of dishes. )

  • I got to hang out with my siblings and their families... especially my baby sister's newest addition named Zowie.... she's cute.

  • Then I chopped off  all of my hair, so I could travel to a place that was a million degrees with a billion percent humidity. 

  • After that I found out that I was officially accepted to the graduate program at LSU for this fall (I don't have a picture for this one as I didn't think to take one as I was crying with Meg and Papa Thorne in the kitchen.)

Then I began the first stage of moving.

  • I saw Drew and his Grams in Cedar City. 

  • The Giffords in Arizona. 

  • And the Hinksons in Fort Stockton

  • Before arriving in San Antonio to stay with Steph and her husband for the summer. 

And now I have been here for a week, I was sick for a few days and have started going about the business of getting a job for the summer. I love the humidity, but probably because it is a stark contrast to the freezing air conditioning that is everywhere here.

Another moment of GREAT news was the chance to receive a Graduate Assistantship for schooling. I will be working for the Graduate program, in return they will waive my tuition and out of state fees while providing a monthly stipend.

It has been quite a roller coaster, but I have  enjoyed the ride. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings me. :)


Gretch said...

I am the first commenter!! Yay for me! Rachel you are awesome!! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday too. I need an address, email it to me!!! OK- I sure love you. Be safe and have fun. You truely are amazing!

:) Good luck this summer. - Gretch

Kate said...

Awesome. Good luck!