GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, June 11

Another road trip....

So today started yet another road trip. 2 weeks ago, I began the trip that would move me south. Last week I decided to take a week and enjoy some travel.

Today I made the 8 hour drive to Baton Rouge. I entered Louisiana for the first time. What do I think?  I think it is sticky here.  And really green. And there is so much water. It was dark by the time I arrived, but there was water everywhere. I assume that is what people refer to as the bayou, though in New Hampshire we called it the swamp. Also, the bugs are really really loud.

Tomorrow I head over to LSU campus. I get to visit the registrar and the French Department and then I am off on a tour of the Graduate housing in the afternoon.

After that I will be heading off to Atlanta which will be followed by Kentucky, Little Rock, and Dallas, before I head back to San Antonio.

I am looking forward to the trip, with the full knowledge that I will get lost. A lot. I have already gotten lost twice today, so I figure it won't be anything new. :)

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