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Friday, February 16

Beauty and the Geek

Regina was kind enough to wait to watch Ugly Betty so that I could finally watch the season finale of Beauty and the Geek last night. Wahoo!! Regina is now in love with Nate. And me, how do I feel about it? Well in the immortal words of Steph Harbour….
“I love me some Geek!”


Sherpa said...

Ugly Betty rocks. Now that's some quality tv.

Boo said...

I don't think these women are beautiful and some of these men aren't all that geeky. In fact one acts a little too femmy for me.
The women all have fake breasts, fake hair and no brains. If that's what equals beauty in our society then Americans are more degenerate than I care to admit.

Rae said...

For the purposes of this show the title "Beauty" is used to describe the girls who have never had to use anything but their looks to get what they want. ANd these girls fit that bill to a T. This was the last episode, you should have seen some of the earlier ones. Lol... I think they would have proved geeky enough for you. Lol.