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Thursday, February 15

Happy just the way I am....

It’s not as if I didn’t recognize that it was Valentine’s Day. I even posted the poem yesterday morning. But it didn’t feel any different than any other day. I received a couple of nice e-cards from the girls and Mark. AZ Dad even sent a text message (which he hates to do). So I wasn’t forgotten, I just didn’t do anything big for the day. Last year I made a big fuss. I handed out valentines to all of my co-workers and friends and spent the evening at a fabulous restaurant with all of my friends. This year, it didn’t really feel like a holiday. It didn’t really feel like anything. I spent the morning working from home. Came into the office for a few hours and then finished the evening at Barnes and Noble. I talked to Steph on the way home (thank you for keeping me occupied on the bus…. I might need you again next time, not sure yet.) There was nothing really special to mark the day. I don’t think that is a bad thing. There was no one in my life really that I needed to go out of my way for. And no one I expected to go out of their way for me. Maybe someday there will be someone that I want to buy little cheesy gift for and from whom I will expect flowers and such. But for now I am happy just the way things are.

And that is a good feeling.

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