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Wednesday, February 14

In and Out of time

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged recently; all I can say is that I am tired a lot, and I will be going to the Doctor on the 28th. The cycle is repeating itself. Don’t worry. I will blog what is going on in my life some time soon.

But in the interim I am following Bond Girls Example.

This poem was first introduced to me through a chick flick. Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Family Reunion” gave me the opportunity to hear Maya Angelou actually recite it. It was beautiful. I found it in a book later and bought the whole book just for this one poem. I can't explain my feelings in regards to this poem. They are there for it all, the good and the bad, the happy and sad. And yet, the love is there. The love is strong enough to with stand the trials of our day. Who finds that any more?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Days.

The Sun has come out
The Mists have gone
We see in the distance
Our long way home

I was yours to love
You were always mine
We have belonged together
In and out of time

When the first stone looked
Up at the blazing sun
And the first tree struggled
From the forest floor
I loved you more

You were the rhythm on the head
Of the conga drum
And the brush of palm
On my nut brown skin

And I loved you then

We worked the cane
And cotton fields
We trod together
The city streets

Wearied by labor
Bruised by cruelty
Strutting and sassy
To our inner beat

And all the while
Lord, how I loved your smile

You’ve freed your braids
Gave you hair to the breeze
It hummed like a hive
Of busy bees
I reached into the mass
For the honeycomb there
God, how I loved your hair

You saw me bludgeoned
By circumstance
Injured by hate
And lost to chance
Legs that could be broken
But knees that would not bend
Oh, you loved me then

I raked the Heaven’s belly
With torrid screams
I fought to turn
Nightmares into dreams
My protests were loud
And brash and bold
My, how you loved my soul

The sun has come out
The mists have gone
We see in the distance
Our long way home

I was yours to love
And you were always mine
We have belonged together
In and out of time


Boo said...

Thanks for posting this today. I appreciate it more than you know. I love you! Happy V-Day!

qraquen said...

I also see Madea Family reunion today, 29 march 2008, like it very much and also enjoy this poem.
I search it with google and find you, thanks for write the poem.
Who writes it? what was the name of that book you brought?
as you see, all we love persist "in and out of time"...

from Chile with love,


Rae said...

Thank you Marcelo, even now over a year later I still love this poem. It has such a beautiful meaning.

The Author is Maya Angelou and the book I purchased is titled Celebrations. It is a great book of poems by Ms. Angelou.

Anonymous said...

I am going to use this in my wedding (a domestic abuse survivor - scratch that...THRIVER!) who has found the man of my dreams and this poem is so fitting for our wedding. Thanks for taking the time to post the words.

Anonymous said...

Something inside happens to me everytime I read it. For me..... the in and out of time refers to 'he' who is much younger, but old soul, and 'me' experiencing 'real love' for only "our season." It re-made me, re defined me. Gave me strength I never knew existed. Regardless of where he is, or where I am....I loved you... in and out, in and out, in and out of time.....Mr. Rog.