GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, February 19

Off to Clean.....

A day off….It was nice to sleep until the sun woke me this morning. Did you ever see the musical Oliver, when Oliver wakes that first morning in the house of the rich people. He wakes to the sun and the sounds of the world outside his widow. I have always loved that. I love to wake to the sounds of the outside was a little cold to have my widow open so I just woke to the sun. Good enough for now. The problem is that here it is 11:30 in the morning and I am bored. There are things I should do. I should finish unpacking. I should clean my room as it looks like a disaster. I should do laundry. These are things that I have avoided doing because I have been working or sleeping so much lately. But now that I have the time…….Well who wants to spend their day off cleaning? Now that I have complained, I will buckle down. I tell myself that I will have everything done in time to go to the movie tonight. Here’s hoping!

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