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Tuesday, October 5

Fan girl moment.....

Everyone knows I am a fan of a variety of authors. It is also no shock that I am a huge fan of romance novels, as I have been out of that closet for quite a few years now. But with all my love of reading, I have never desired to be a writer. I thought about editing....but I know how much work, effort, blood, sweat, and tears can be required to put out a book of any kind and that is not a trail I want to take.

So when an opportunity came up for me to attend the Utah chapter of the RWA Writers conference, I was not really all that interested.

Until I found out that the Keynote Speaker is, none other than.......

I know, most of my readers have no idea who that is. But I do. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say, I own everything she has ever published. With all the books I own and authors I love she is the only author I can say that about. I even buy her stuff in hard back....and then sell trade those out when I have to replace them in paperback (Yes, I am anal enough to want my collections to fit nicely on my shelves. Don't Judge!)
So, what does this mean? And Why am I having such a fan girl moment.....well because I have decided to attend the conference. That is right, I am giving up one of my coveted weekends (and skipping classes) to attend an RWA Writers conference even though I have no plan to ever be a author or an editor. *sigh*
Yes, I am that big of a fan... *SQUEEEEEEEEE*
All done now... back to work. :)


Soarenth said...

Whew! It took me long enough, Rae, but I finally read your ENTIRE blog archive. Quite an emotional roller coaster it was so worth the time and effort. Very much so for me because much of it echoed many of my own experiences since we were in high school together.

Thank you for having the courage to share so much. It is an honor to know you and I hugely respect the person you have grown into.

Here's hoping you return to active writing her on your blog, as I'd really like to know how you continue to progress! I am now especially looking forward to hearing about your RWA conference experience. Don't think I've seen you so excited for an event since Twilight Moms. Make sure to enjoy every second!

Anonymous said...

I recently started to follow your blog, which was appropriate and GOD sent. As I am at the end of a tumultuous road that lasted for almost a decade; I find myself unemployed and receiving state services for the first time in my life. As a self-sufficient leader that at this time has no passion for anything other than continue to support my sons' smile, your love for reading and writing resonated with me. In my youth I toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist, novelist…anything that had to do with writing, which now I use as a venting tool that allows me to share my feelings and be comforted. I say if you enjoy writing, continue to learn the craft and use it to service you in any way that fits.
I look forward to reading about your experiences and the workshop…ENJOY!!!

Julia said...

Have fun at RWA Writers conference Rae. And do report in with travelogue and pics of your fun :) I like Feehan's books too. But my favorite will always be the GhostWalker series.

(from JDRobb Yahoo group)