GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, October 14

if I am 31 does that mean I get 3 marshmallows?

My Friend Sarah passed this along to me. I couldn't help but realize that I am still not a very patient person. Maybe someday I will learn.


Soarenth said...

It strikes me funny when people say, "Patience is a virtue." As if it was something you either had or didn't have.

Thankfully, it is actually a skill, something to learn and utilize. One of the harder skills to learn, and one of the more versatile once mastered.

But like all skills, it has to be used or it degrades and can be lost. Like how I currently need to re-learn to be patient with myself. Thank you for the reminder!

Gretch said...

I love it! Thanks for posting that. I think you should get 4 marshmallows!!!!

Love you! How is life? What are up to lately. Email or give me a call!!

:) Gretch

Boo said...

Patience? What? I was too busy enjoying President Uchtdorf in his glasses.

Rae said...

Boo.... if you weren't listening you don't get any marshmallows. Lol!

Alicia you are right, patience is one of those skills that required constant attention or it will atrophy. The Lord apparently thinks I need to be reminded of that often. ;)