GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, October 16

Writer's Block...

The slowly passing hours are filled with pages which have been written, re-written, and then erased. I have read and re-read the books and primary documents. Finally succumbing to the t.v. and facebook. The papers are due Monday...*sigh*

Anyone have any thoughts on the drastic change in Roman military strategy, which was employed during the Third Punic War and the destruction of Carthage?

what's that?

*crickets chirping*

How about the significant differences between Hitler's invasion of Poland and the invasion of France......


yeah, that's what I thought....



Gretch said...

Rachel- wow, I am glad I am not writing those papers. good luck to you though!!

Besides papers due, how are you?

Miss you! :)

Soarenth said...

Eep! Sorry, no idea on those. Though I am reading someone's master thesis on Japan strategic culture that I am finding educational and interested. Yes, I am strange enough that I am studying it for recreational reading. But that's what makes it fun, because there is no teacher waiting for a report nor deadline to finish. Personally education is so much more interesting when there is not a grade on the line.

Which doesn't help you at all, I know. Still, I will say that it was COMPLETELY worth all the stress, anxiety, deadline, and disaster to finish a post-high school degree. Keep it up, you can do it!