GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, October 19

Parlez-vous Francais?

I know that I am extremely OCD about my grades. To me, even though I know better, a B feels like I am failing. I also recognize that at the beginning of every semester I have a minor freak out and say dumb things like: I am gonna fail my classes.... I am not learning enough.... blah blah blah....

Having acknowledged these things about myself, I tried not to freak out to much as this semester started. But I am realizing that I might be in over my head. It is not uncommon for me to take a 16-credit hour class load while working full time. Unfortunately, I have moved beyond the basic courses and am now taking all upper division classes. As a Public History major with minors in English Literature and French my classes are full of copious amounts of reading and writing assignments. You wouldn't think I would be struggling, I live to read and love to research. Yet, with the courses I am taking I don't have enough time to complete the assignments. books go unfinished, paper deadlines are missed and some homework gets skipped entirely.

I have been thinking about this alot and I think I have decided to drop my French minor.
*gasp* *shock* *deep breath*

Okay, I have talked to many of you about this already today and have gathered the following advice:

  1. My life as a student should have no regrets
  2. It isn't bad to do something just because I want to
  3. Life should be guided by a couple of things: the Holy Ghost, logic, dreams, and finances
  4. A 'W' on a transcript is okay....just don't go overboard
  5. Dropping the French Minor would be okay.... even though my OCD is saying FAIL FAIL FAIL
  6. Completing only 1 minor with higher grades is better then multiple minors with low grades
  7. I am still gonna read Harry Potter in French.... I even got the books online. ;)


Gretch said...

You can do it! you can drop your French class. What you said is so true about higher grades in one minor being better!!!

You are not failing, you are trying to succeed!

Love you- Gretch

Soarenth said...

Looking in from the outside, the biggest bump visible is the mindset that dropping a minor degree now = fail. The only failure is my confusion about why you can't finish it after the Public History major and English Literature minor are complete.