GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, April 25

I have thought about you...

I have actually thought about blogging quite a few times this week. I have even taken pictures for the Diner's Blog. But I haven't blogged. I haven't talked about the Cherry Blossom Festival, or Perry's Un-Birthday, or Game Night, or Stake Women's Conference, or the tragedy at VT...... There is so much to say and no idea how to say it all. I have started blog after blog in my head only to be side tracked before I get it to my laptop.

Sometime soon I will sit down with my thoughts and my camera and write....but probably not tonight(visiting teaching)...maybe not even tomorrow (working late) or the next day (formal dance at the naval academy...if we are still going) and Sat is a 4 am hike of Old Rag (if I can get a ride) so probably not that day either.

Grrr.....when did life get so full?


Sherpa said...

You're going to that formal on Friday night? Cool.

Rae said...

We haven't talked about it for a while but it is still on the Calendar...are you going?