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Sunday, April 15

There’s a sad sort of ‘chirping’…..

So I skipped Church today. I feel a little guilty about it, but only to some extent.

1) Allergies have taken over and I have no voice; I can’t tell if it is better then yesterday or not. The parade yesterday was fun. I ran around like crazy. Somehow there was a snafu with seating arrangements and I was elected to help fix it. I never know how it happens, but often when I volunteer I go from being a lackey to being in charge of people. It made me laugh every time I was told to get one of my volunteers to handle a problem. Like any one listened to me. Lol! But sure enough I could always find some one to take care of what was needed. I think I was lucky to have been losing my voice. It made people more sympathetic to my situation. Especially when I had to tell that that we were sorry but no more chairs were coming.

2) The smoke detector in our upstairs hallway has taken to chirping every couple of minutes. I have taken it apart, called my dad and Gina’s dad, and cannot figure out how to make it stop. I know what you are thinking and yes I know that chirping indicates a “low battery”. The problem is that our smoke detectors are “wired in” to our AC….which I don’t really know what that means other then that there is NO battery. I have looked. I have taken off the cover I have removed the plate from the ceiling….THERE IS NO BATTERY! Sorry, every one keeps telling me to change the battery. Last night after searching online for information to no avail we finally emailed our landlord. He has until noon today to get back to me before we start calling him. He will be on psycho dial until we get this fixed. (**As a side note: we would have turned off the power to the smoke detectors if we could have found our breaker box. We are still not sure where that is either. Lol!**)

So to add to the no voice I have had very little sleep and what I did have was filled with odd chirping noises….Any one got a couch in a quiet house I could crash on for a couple of hours? Lol!

So we found the breaker box and since we don't know which switch to flip we shut down the power to the whole house and turned it all back on. This did stop the chirping for quite a while. Unfortunately the chirping has started again. We don't know what to do other then flipping the breaker again. Any one know how long we are going to have to do this?


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Bunny said...

1.) Voice is NOT getting better, lol.

2.) Despite our suffering Rae, she talked me down from going crazy tonight!!