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Wednesday, August 8

A Night Without Technology…..

I have taken to leaving my computer at work during the week. The less I have to haul to and from the gym the better, IMHO. It is nice to be able to sit at chat with the roommates, talk to a friend on the phone, or just read a book in the evenings as opposed to logging on the internet and losing myself for hours.

Last night my boss offered me a ride home, allowing me to get home early. In the excitement I grabbed my keys and bag locked my office and left. I was to spend the most of the evening cleaning; there were a few calls I wanted to make, and I was looking forward to finishing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets so I didn’t think it to double check that I had everything I would need. I mean I don't take my laptop home, so what else could I need? Halfway home I had realized that my phone was still sitting on my desk. *GASP* I had no access to technology!

I don’t consider myself addicted to my phone. Yes, it goes everywhere with me, mostly because I stopped wearing a watch and my phone now plays that role too. But as the night wore on, I came to understand that I am dependent upon my phone. Lol! I had no watch whatsoever and so I had to keep searching for a clock in my house. Lol! I couldn’t text, or call anyone…I can't even count how many times I wanted to and couldn’t. Even if I could have had access to a phone it would have done me no good; all of my phone numbers are stored in my phone. Lol! I couldn’t even use my laptop to contact people because it was as work. I had no access to the outside world…AAGGHHH!

I survived the night only to arrive at work to find that the charger port on my phone has stopped working and I couldn’t recharge the now dead battery. Lol! It was easily fixed with a quick stop at the T-Mobile kiosk in the closest mall. I am now on my way with a new phone and while there were no panic attacks or anything else that drastic, I never want to do that again. Lol!

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kate said...

Um, Rachel? Tell me again how you thought you were not a cell phone addict?