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Thursday, August 16

The Universe.....

This is what the universe had to say today.....
You know, Rachel, I once had a dream that didn't come true. I know how that is. Ouch!! Painful!! Humiliating!!

Until I realized, it wasn't too late to dream something better.

It's never too late, Rachel -
The Universe
Interestingly, enough I have recently let go of the dream of the trip to Europe next month. I haven't quite decided what to use the plane tickets for. There has been talk of visiting Tiana in Texas, Sarah and I going to New York for New Years Eve, or even a trip to Florida or California, or any of the other places I haven't ever been too. Maybe i will take up Steph's example, take my camera and at rip to Maine all by myself. Sounds nice, no? But the dream of Europe has been put on hold until I can afford it. So now it is on to dreaming something better. ;)

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Tiana said...

I would so love you to come visit me....but I also realize there are lots of places you would love to go. Just know that the option is open for you to visit.
Love ya