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Monday, August 20

The Weekend Recap

I had a pretty low key weekend. Friday night was a birthday party with some great sushi followed by The Diary of a Mad Black Woman with Gina and Lauren. Gina and I have been aching to re-watch the Tyler Perry movies. They finally arrived via and we immediately sat to watch the first in the set. I have written about these movies in the past. I love then even though they are not something that I can connect on a literal level. I have never experienced the things that these movies portray. But the stories involved create an immediate empathetic response in me. Every woman wants to believe and have hope in the possibilities. That there are men who will give a woman intimacy rather then sex; who will miss us when we are not there and want to see us happy and smiling; who is not perfect himself and doesn’t expect perfection from us. One who is willing to work towards perfection together. I am looking forward re–watching Madea’s Family Reunion tonight. It is to be our own private family home evening.

I have also finally finished the Harry Potter Series and have moved on to my next choice. In review, with no spoilers, I found the final book to be intriguing. I had to reread the entire series to make sure my memory was accurate. I still think book 5 is my least favorite (I can’t handle Delores Umbridge…ugh!). Book 6 and book 7 made me cry, as was expected. The similarity of the reign of Voldamort and the reign of Hitler was rather pronounced in book 7. The Muggle restrictions, trials, and torture brought to mind my studies of the Holocaust. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad that I know own all 7. When I have time I will probably read them again.

For now I have moved onto The Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Book 1 is The Golden Compass. My friend Ben suggested the trilogy and loaned me all 3 books. So far I am intrigued. I shall be interested in how they make the movie this winter.

Other then reading and movies, I slept a lot, talked with roommates, and just plain lazed around. It was a good weekend. Lol! I certainly enjoyed it, even if I feel I should have been a bit more active.


Sherpa said...

I didn't end up seeing Stardust this weekend. Wanna go sometime this week or next weekend?

Rae said...

I am totally up for Stardust. I just saw the preview on Tara's blog and now I want to see it even more. I could do Tuesday...or this weekend...up to you.

tara said...

i'm sure gwen will echo this, but when you are done with pullman, you've got to move on to the twilight series!

Rae said...

I hear great things about the twilight series from a lot of people. It is on the To Be Read List...I just have to get there. Lol! I have the To Be Read Pile of books I actually own that doesn't even include the List of those I don't own. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog site, Rachel. You're quite eloquent. Love you - Dad.

P.s. In the last 2.5 weeks, I've seen Harry Potter and read Eragon (sitting on the beach in Florida) -- quite enjoyed myself. You've passed your passion for books on to several of your brothers... I may be catching it even. Is it a virus. Wow!