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Tuesday, August 28

Tuesday at the front desk……

Our receptionist is on vacation. This is her second week gone and I have learned a lot while covering for her. Maybe learned is not the right word. I think I should say that I have remembered a lot while covering for her. This used to be my position, but it is not one I have held in quiet some time.
So I thought I would share some of my “rememberings
  1. We have a pretty amazing receptionist here at my office; it takes 3 people to cover for her when she is gone.
  2. Salesmen who psycho-dial asking for someone different each time will continue to get put through to voicemail boxes. We aren’t stupid, we will remember what your voice sounds like.
  3. We would probably have connected you to your “friend” if you knew A - the person’s gender OR B - how to pronounce their name.
  4. Being rude to a receptionist is a sure way to find that your call gets lost in the land of permanent hold.
  5. Looking busy, while not actually busy takes talent (Hence this blog is being typed in Word to be transferred to Blogger when no one is around)
In other news, I finished The Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Pullman is a fabulous writer, his characters are quite realistic and the storyline was very intriguing, with the exception of the plot going against my personal religious beliefs. It didn’t really affect me until the 3rd book (The Amber Spyglass), and there it was very prevalent. I must admit that by the end of the trilogy it disturbed me. I chalk it up to the writing talent of Mr Pullman, whose characters were so complex and realistic. I probably won’t purchase these books for my shelves. While I admit that they are very well written I doubt these are ones that I will read again.

And finally, the boys are back in town! Ralph is here again and so is Neil-son, our brother from another mother. The three of us are meeting to go to Marrakesh tonight for real Moroccan food. If you would like to join us give me a buzz and I’ll up the number on the reservation! The more the merrier!!

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