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Wednesday, August 1

10 Years……

I can’t believe that it has gone by so quickly. My best friend Meg sent me the web link for our high school reunion months ago. I, of course, checked it out and firmly decided not to return for this reunion. I knew that I would have had a trip home for Tiana’s wedding and therefore couldn’t justify 2 trips in 4 weeks. While I won’t say my singleton status didn’t effect my decision, I will say that it only played a small part in the decision. This reunion is geared to children and couples. Most of my former classmates have married and bred multiple times and therefore require an activity that can entertain small children. OHS class of ’97 decided to have a picnic at a park during the day (advertised for its abilities to “show off the kiddies”) and then a dinner the next night for the couples.

Even though I decided not to attend I have visited the site off and on over the past couple of months. I wanted to see who I could find. There were links to various pages on MySpace, Facebook, and others which allowed me to check out what some of my classmates have been up too the last 10 years. It is fun to read about the new families, jobs, and schools. I had forgotten so much of those years but it seems as if some things never change. I laugh while I read of their lives and realize now that it might have been nice to keep in touch. I almost wish I were going back. Lol! Almost.

Meg will be attending; she will definitely share all of the juicy details. I can hardly wait until next week to gossip about it all.

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Bunny said...

"It might have been nice to keep in touch." I don't know, that's such a great line... really makes me think.