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Wednesday, March 7

All by myself.....Sort of...

It was a night like any other…There was Pakistani food and hot coca with a friend…a chat with Kate about girl stuff….a nice phone conversation with another friend who was half asleep….and then preparation for bed….sounds pleasant doesn’t it? If I had been able to fall asleep right then this morning would have been even worse then it was.

Lucky for our house I was not asleep when my roommate Jen came knocking at midnight asking for matches. Apparently our pilot light went out again. Now this might not seem serious to you, as a matter of fact it might not even seem blog worthy. But for us on Chapman street this was a serious problem…4 girls in their mid twenties and none of us knew how to fix this…were we to call the landlord? Were we to call the gas company again? My family happens to be the farthest away and the most likely to be awake at midnight EST so I finally got a hold of my sister Gretch. Why Gretch you ask….no that is a very good question as she in also in her mid-twenties. But unlike me she and her husband are rebuilding a house…yeah I have seen pictures…she put in a staircase….and remodeled a bathroom…and there are other things…she is amazing. And She is PST. so that made it much earlier for her. Anyway, after talking to her for a bit and realizing she really couldn’t help with out being there and then realizing it wasn’t our furnace but our water heater (yeah, you can go ahead and laugh, I won’t hold it against you) I settled into reading the instructions on the water heater itself. Yes, I am brilliant. Watch out world. I’ll spare you the boring details, but the pilot light was lit, there were no major catastrophes and the only casualty was the massively ugly bug that decided to crawl across the basement floor.

Every one should be proud of me.... I sure am!

One last shout out to Gretchen’s husband Mark, who called me to make sure everything was okay, and who quickly realized I was too tired for any real conversation. He is the greatest brother-in-law ever

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Boo said...

I am so proud of our baby Rae. Way to grab the bull by the horns. You are well on your way to becoming the independent woman we all want to be.