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Saturday, March 3

Capital Hill Books: A.K.A. Rae's Personal Slice of Heaven

Steph is in town…..I have missed her. I am glad that she is here to visit. I will blog about her visit after she leaves…then I can put all of the pictures in at once.

Today I found heaven. A group of us went to Eastern Market this morning. I love Eastern Market. There is a children’s bookstore called The Fairy Godmother that I love….I try to pick something up there whenever I have the chance. Today I added 2 more Madeline L’Engle books to my collection.

The find of the day was a place called Capital Hill Books. I walked in realized I had found my Eden. We were short on time and so I immediately started up the stairs directly in front of me; only to find that the stairs were stacked with US and UK military books. Upstairs was fiction…..there were stacks of books everywhere. I had to take pictures….I mean…this is my dream….my safe haven. Steph called and it was time to go….I have yet to get more then a peek at the main floor…and rumor has it there is a basement….
*sigh* I can’t wait to go back


Sherpa said...

The basement is pretty sweet..but the best floor is upstairs.

Boo said...

I would love to go with you when you go back. I had the weirdest dream last night though about books. I will have to tell you about it later.

Jeremy said...

AUGH AUGH! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! *I* want that many books! So pretty.

Alejandra said...

This is my absolute favorite bookstore... And i love the older gentleman who works there. He's fantastic and always makes funny comments about the books you buy. Thanks for these pictures--it made me miss DC just a little bit.