GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, March 15

Can't win for losing....

I thought I would illustrate the dichotomy that is my life.

Wednesday, March 14th:

I caught a ride from my boss. This is normal; she lives about 15 or 20 minutes from me (walking time). She was running late, so I offered to walk to her house. It is an easy walk and so I grabbed my back pack and jean jacket and headed out the door. I must admit that I had dressed down in jeans and tennis shoes and I think that factors into the reactions that followed. I was almost to her house when I noticed a group of teenagers waiting for their bus about 3 or 4 blocks from me. I thought nothing of it as I watched the bus pick up the kids. What shocked me was that moments later, as he drove towards me, I watched this man flip on his flashing lights and start to pull over to pick me up. I mean I am told I look young…but not that young. Good heavens!

That afternoon the administration department went out to lunch to celebrate the “31st” birthday of a man with children older than I am. As we sat at lunch in Legal Seafood, munching on oysters and calamari, many in the group were ribbing people about their age. I, of course, got teased because I was the only one actually under thirty (I believe the jokes were about me being carded to drink my cherry coke). In a moment of what I will call “man brilliance” one of my male co-workers looked at me and asked… “You’re not 30 yet?” My response of course was, “Why do I look older then 30?”

*sigh* So goes the days of my life….. Lol!

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