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Thursday, March 8

Words to live by.......

I know I have previously commented here about the Girl Scout cookies that are sold every year. Some how, I always cave and end up purchasing them. I love them really I do….but for future reference:

I strongly advise AGAINST buying the aformentioned cookies when in a state of unhappiness and/or stress.

That is how you end up with 3 boxes of tagalong, 3 boxes of trefoils, and 4 boxes of samoas. Yeah I might not be a math whiz but even I know that adds up to 10 boxes of cookies…


All I can say is that there was a moment of weakness. Thank heavens they can be frozen and eaten later. Any one need a dessert for a party?

1 comment:

Boo said...

I will buy a box of Somoas off of you. If you bring them to dinner tonight I will gladly take a box of your hands.