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Tuesday, March 6

Billy Joel -

I can clearly remember sitting in the stuffy auditorium at SAIS-R in Saudi Arabia. I was 10 or 11 years old and we were attending my big sisters choir concert. Tiana I must say that I have no idea what your choir sang. But I remember a choir singing We Didn’t Start the Fire with a slideshow running behind them. And thus my love of history was born along side my love of Billy Joel. All through high school I wanted to be a high school history teacher, I wanted to incorporate We Didn’t Start the Fire into my year end exam. Unfortunately, reality set in, I don’t have the temperament to teach teenagers, but my love of Billy Joel is still going strong. His was the first concert I attended (Him and Elton John…let me tell you in Utah it was me and my friend and the elderly…quite a site LOL!) Today as I was trying to get focus on work Various Billy Joel Songs were playing on my iTunes and I felt the need to share…I wanted to share Captain Jack (one of my favorites that is some how tied to Kate, we are not sure why but it is)…. but that was not available… I didn’t want one that every one plays…. so I settled on this one. I hope you enjoy.....

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Boo said...

I can't believe you have seen Billy Joel and Elton John in concert. I love both and would die to see them in concert. Lucky!