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Saturday, June 30

A day with Kate

We met to have lunch with our old roommate Hannah. It was fun to see her again; her year in France has changed her little. She is still as fun and funny as ever. Afterwards, knowing that the trip home would be pointless as I would just have to turn around and come back for our evening plans, we decided to hang out at the mall….Lol! Not something either of us has done in a while. We picked up tickets for a flick and with an hour and a half before the movie started decided to go shopping for a bit. Each of us got somethings to add to our wardrobe. From there we headed to our favorite spot for pedicures (with the added sea salt scrub). My feet feel fabulous, and look great as you can see. Toes should be red!

The movie that we had chosen was one Kate had wanted to see; Evening. I had heard of it but knew no more then the fact that it had Claire Daines and Meryl Strep in it. Kate described it as a “total chick flick” (not a rousing endorsement in my opinion).
If I had known what the movie was about I probably wouldn’t have watched it. Lol! I am not now, nor will I ever be, a big fan of things that make me cry.
My thoughts are rather scattered and I will need to gather them before I can write about this movie. Suffice to say, I thought it was amazing. I love Toni Colette and her character in this movie was someone I could understand. Her fears are those that I recognize in my life. I will probably watch it again some day, after it comes out on video and I can hole up in my room with no witnesses.

After the movie we headed to our favorite cafe to listen to the last performance by Barefoot. Perry is the amazing drummer of Barefoot and we took the chance to support him! It was fun to listen to them surrounded by friends. The music was great and the conversation was fun. (By the way Perry, I am holding you to your word, you are the only one will to see Pirates 3 with me, so we have to go. I can't NOT see it. Lol!) Kate and I were sad to leave, but with growling stomachs we headed to our final destination before the restaurant closed.....Peruvian Chicken! Yum!

All in all it was a good day. It is nice to have days that are full, though maybe a little less full would be good. Lol! I would like to be at least a little lazy sometimes.

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tara said...

I'm glad to get your review..I wanted to see this!